David Chassin is a chief scientist in the Grid Integration Systems and Mobility (GISMo) group at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, which is operated by Stanford University. He leads research and development activities in renewable energy and grid integration systems. Before joining SLAC, he was a staff scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) where he worked since 1992. He led the development of building energy modeling, control and diagnostic systems, including Softdesk Energy and DOE's Whole Building Diagnostician. He designed the Olympic Peninsula and Northeast Columbus retail real-time pricing systems. He managed the development of GridLAB-D™, an open source smart grid simulation built by PNNL for the US Department of Energy. He was a member of the Western Electricity Coordinating Council's (WECC) Market Integration Committee and the North American Electricity Reliability Council (NERC) Load Forecasting Work Group. He contributes to the NERC Load Modeling Task Force development of the composite load model data for North American utilities and reliability coordinators. His current research is focused on the control and dispatch of fast-acting demand response, retail real-time demand dispatch using prices, and transactive control theory. He has been awarded 21 US patents in building energy system diagnostics, grid-friendly appliance controls and transactive control systems and has published over 100 articles, papers and technical reports.

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